what's the racket?


December 23, 2006 — by Pete York

When the film, „Mein Führer“ opens in January, you will see that one of the leading roles is that of Hitler’s moustache. Rumours have it that my moustache was trimmed to shape by the unscrupulous demon barber of Sheffield and taken to audition for the part.
Helge is completely unaware of this and would be most upset if he thought he had spent ten weeks with a hairy part of me under his nose.

Personally I prefer to believe in the sighting by a patron of the Spearmint Rhino Tabledance Club in Birmingham who thinks he spotted my moustache decorating the lower abdomen of a Svetlana Getya Nickasoff, a former Miss Tractor Transmission Shaft of Minsk, as she slid down her pole and thrust her pelvis into his brown ale.


November 01, 2006 — by Pete York

Another upcoming gig will be in the Congress Center in Hamburg for the Hot Jazz Meeting on January 27 when the AllStar JazzBand will consist of Bruce Adams trumpet, Roy Williams trombone, Alan Barnes saxes and Pascal Michaux on organ alongside Pete. This is a big venue and always quite full. But it is a splendid opportunity to hear Pete with some of the world’s top horn players. So why not visit Hamburg and catch this show. There are a lot of interesting things to do in this city and the people are very friendly. There’s one street in particular where the ladies practically fall off their high heels to have a conversation with you.


— by Pete York

Pete will take some Friends into the Schlachthof, Munich on November 23 for an evening of Swing, Blues and Rocky interludes. The Sextet has Claus Koch tenor, Annette Neuffer trumpet and vocals, Stephan Holstein clarinet and alto, Berhard Pichl piano, Rudi Engel bass and Pete at the drums, singing and telling lies. The programme covers an astonishing range from Sing Sing Sing to Keep On Running. It’s a parallel to Pete’s life in music and some of the giant steps along the way. Pete is now well recovered from the accidents and breakages of the last two years and his playing is once again at its hottest level.

You are advised to make reservations for this Schlachthof night, call them!

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