what's the racket?


October 12, 2008 — by Pete York

Mecky and I have been in the town of Grünwald for over a while now but I haven’t performed for the locals as yet. Until now that is. On October 16 I will bring the trio of Claus and Kuno into the Bürgerhaus to share the stage with the Wine and Roses Orchestra. Several pals play in this big band which is led by Bernhard Ullrich, an excellent clarinet player and ideal for the Goodman role.

We will alternate through the evening like one of those Thirties live radio broadcasts. There’ll be a big drum battle in Sing Sing Sing with my opposite number being Gregor Beck, a real swinger.

We are hoping lots of our followers will turn up and that jazz in Grünwald will become a major attraction in the Greater Munich area. Partly because I can go to gig on my bicycle.