what's the racket?


October 12, 2008 — by Pete York

In November I will go to Salzgitter for the 20th Drummer Meeting. I have done this several times now and the first occasion was the first one I think. I was much younger, moustached, slimmer and didn’t need to take so many pills to stay alive. I have done the opening show quite often with various musicians but this year will be really good fun with HOOCHIE COOCHIE NIGHT band.

We will be amazed by Zoot Money, Albie Donnelly, Roy Herrington and Bolle Dieckmann plus the Salzy Pfeffergirls to bring a sporting house atmosphere to the Scheune.

There will also be a GREAT DRUM BOTTLE featuring myself and the wonderful instigator of the event, our genial genie, Ralli Lewitzki. Please note a BOTTLE is much friendlier than a BATTLE.

Check out the Drummer Meeting website for news of all the great drum names who will be there. I look forward to meeting many young drummers and helping you with your drumming. Book now to avoid sleeping behind the Guterbahnhof.