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October 11, 2005 — by Pete York

Herman Rarebell and Pete are constantly pushing the Drum legends concept and some very exciting activities are in the pipeline. A commercial single is in the can and plans for the next DVD recording are on the way.
As you will see from the cover on the homepage, Charly Antolini is billed as our guest artist. His electrifying performance is a hard act to follow but Drum Legends will try to do so next year with some of drumming’s other great stars joining Herman and Pete.


— by Pete York

The reactions in the UK Press to the CD re-issue of Pete York’s New York have been really good. There hasn’t been much to read about Pete in his home-country for a couple of years since the dynamic impression made by his drumming during the Spencer Davis Tour of 2002.
But now glowing reviews have appeared in several magazines. Talks are under way to release the Drum Legends DVD in the UK and when this happens it is hoped to open the way for touring next year.


August 02, 2005 — by Pete York

There will be a tour of Austria with Martin Breinschmid coming up from October 12 Р16. Watch this space for details. Same applies to some dates in November with Frank Diez, Colin Hodgkinson and Markus Sch̦lch, The Blue Sausages.

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