what's the racket?


August 02, 2005 — by Pete York

September 17 is not to be missed if you’re in the area of Schweinfurt. Pete will be appearing with the 44 piece Bayerischer Kammerorchester. Martin Schrack and Stephan Holstein will be there to join in some swing tunes like “Caravan”, “I Got Rhythm”
and “As Time Goes By”.
Pete will also sing two German classics “Musik, Musik, Musik” and “Eins, Zwei, Drei,Vier, Fünf, Sechs, Sieben” by Peter Kreuder. We told you not to miss it, an old jazz/blues man takes a crack at the Comedian Harmonists. There’s courage for you!!!


— by Pete York

August 13 sees a happy re-union for a few tunes at least with Helge Schneider playing organ and Pete on drums at the Dresden Ufer Pete called in to see Helge at the Lustspielhaus in Munich and they even had a small session together in the afternoon. Just for fun.
Since the sad loss of Jimmy Woode, Helge has been playing his solo shows to great effect, but being the dedicated musician that he is, the idea of playing with old pals is always appealing.
The Dresden gig is enormous and Pete will make a hectic flight from Switzerland to be there.


June 22, 2005 — by Pete York

Those who remember the Klaus Doldinger Jubilee Tours of the mid-Seventies may be interested in a gig on the 24 July at 18.00 in the Kulturzelt an der Sportanlage Krai between Waakirchen and Miesbach. Klaus Doldinger’s Old and New Passport will play. Special Guests are also promised and Pete has been invited!!!!

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