what's the racket?


June 22, 2005 — by Pete York

The Drum Legends are producing a single for the club, disco market. Herman Rarebell has written a piece called “DRUM DANCE” and the single length and extended version are being edited and mixed this week. On the extended version there is a lengthypercussion section which will inspire the outrageous dance routine on the video.
None of the Drum Legends themselves will dance, to everyones great relief.


— by Pete York

There’s another chance to hear the Drum Legends in Bad W├Ârishofen on 31 July and on August 12 Pete will be in Lichtensteig, Switzerland for the Jazz Festival. His trio will be Stephan Holstein and Thilo Wagner.


— by Pete York

The tantalising reports of the Greek Tour with Eric Burdon have made many fans curious as to whether the Blues Knights (Eric, Pete and Christoph Steinbach) will ever appear again. It seems the answer is yes and you should contact the Kitzb├╝hel Tourist Office for details of their appearance at the Steinbach Boogie Woogie and Blues Festival on July 16th.
The Festival runs from 14 – 17 July and features other great talents including another partner of Pete’s, Martin Schmitt.

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