what's the racket?


May 08, 2005 — by Pete York

Eric Burdon, with whom Pete had a couple of warm conversations during the 50 Years Of Rock shows last year, has invited Pete to play on his forthcoming Greek tour.
Eric is performing blues, R & B standards and boogie as well as presenting his fascinating book.
Pete and Eric had talked about their various musical loves and discovered lots of common ground ranging from Big Joe Turner to Jelly Roll Morton.

Eric Burdon is one of the handful of strong individual voices to emerge from that fertile period in the Sixties when British artists took American traditional music forms like blues and folk and produced a new body of standards with a style all its own.

It has been said that Eric could sing the phone book and make it soulful, much like the recently lamented Ray Charles.
Pete is a drummer who can interpret any style of music in his own way on a drum set so this could be a dynamic mixture of two musical heavyweights.
Any fans in Greece should make a note of the dates and any fans going to Greece for an Easter holiday should take this opportunity to see these two in action.