what's the racket?


February 19, 2006 — by Pete York

Pete has been working on further movie screenplay ideas and one of them is a story involving the Drum Legends, Herman Rarebell and Pete.

It is, of course, a comedy with our two heroes playing characters much like themselves. A pair of drumming nuts who were once members of highly successful rock bands. The story begins with them both taking jobs wherever they can get them in some most unlikely playing situations.

One of rock’s biggest bands loses its drummer in a bizarre onstage accident. Herman and Pete go for the job and surprisingly both get it. So they are back in the big time but all is not what it seems with this mega-band, its evil manager and its ego maniac singer, Banana.

As with all movie projects the story and later the screenplay may be great, but it’s a long road to find the producers, the money and the distribution.

But, in the words of the song, „Ya Gotta Try.“