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December 30, 2005 — by Pete York

At this time of writing Pete reports that he has already had a couple of trial sessions at the drum set and everything is working well.
There are some jazz gigs coming up in late January and a couple of appearances with Albie Donnelly soon after.
The Helge Schneider show gets back on the road at the end of February. All the fans and friends who have sent their good wishes are much appreciated.


— by Pete York

Whilst stepping onto the stage in the Saarlandhalle, Saarbruecken for the Helge Schneider show on December 14 Pete inadvertently placed his right leg into a gap between two stage sections. The fall resulted in a break in the left upper thigh bone. He was carried out on a stretcher to a warm ovation from the 2600 audience. Helge went on to perform a stunning solo show, including his own unique drum solo.
Pete was rushed to hospital (thanks to Oli and his rescue team) where he was operated on almost immediately. A pin was put in to hold the break and the three incisions were clipped together.
Only two days later Pete got his crutches and was encouraged to stagger about. Five days later he was released and driven back home to Mecky. Unfortunately this was not the end of the story because the following night Pete felt pain in the right side of his chest. Mecky called the doctor and he advised going straight into the Argirov Klinik for a check-up as the pain could indicate thrombosis or a lung embolism. This could have been fatal.
Numerous checks were made and a thrombosis found in the lower left leg. Suitable treatment has been begun and Pete made it home for Christmas Eve.


October 11, 2005 — by Pete York


Don’t miss the Pete York Swing and Strings Orchestra again in Reichenbach on 5 November.
Pete plays two utterly contrasting concerts within one week of each other in the same town.
Hooray for Reichenbach!

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